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1-2-3 July - Quimper

Tourism and Activities

Tourism and activities

Bénodet La Forêt Fouesnant Nevez Presqu'ile Crozon
Concarneau La Torche Penmarc'h  Quimper
Douarnenez Le Guilvinec Pont-Aven  
Fouesnant Locronan Pont L'Abbé  

Quimper, “Town of Art and History”
Quimper was en Episcopal and ducal town and established itself as the historic capital of Cornouaille. Its medieval aspect, dominated by its gothic cathedral, does not mean it is any less a town of the 19th and 20th centuries. Stroll around its medieval streets with its half-timbered houses telling their own stories. The earthenware, the tradition of textiles and the dynamism of the boutiques in Quimper will delight the most demanding in terms of shopping. Street entertainment is frequent and cultural events are scheduled throughout the year. Grand Prix National du Fleurissement (national “in bloom” competition winner) Quimper has four beautiful gardens, overlooked by Mont Frugy, which provides a superb view over the town. Furthermore, you are only minutes away from the starting points for numerous walks…and from the beaches.
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“Small Town of Character”,” One of the most beautiful village in France”
The blue-grey granite houses of Locronan, a small town nestling against a hillside, rise up around the squat and distinctive edifice of its square church tower. Originally founded on a sacred site and capital of Brittany’s sailcloth industry from the end of the 15th to the middle of the 18th century, this major Breton tourist centre, much loved by filmmakers, has not forgotten its historic dual role.
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An area with captivating land and seascapes. Experience the different atmosphere in each of the four ports. Stroll along the inland trails and the coastal path with its panoramic views over the bay.
The force emanating from the site makes it an obligatory stop, and there is a permanent show at the foot of the cliffs. The fascinating Ile de Sein is visible, out beyond the currents. The headland is of the “Grands Sites de France” and covers no less than 200 hectares of protected natural land.
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Bénodet offers all the amenities one would expect from the leading seaside resort in Finistère : casino, thalassotherapy, golf, cruises on the Odet  and to the Glénan islands, a marina at the mouth of the Odet which you can admire from the Cornouaille bridge…and of course its coastal road and its beaches.
To help you discover Bénodet , please visit Bénodet Tourism Office

Fouesnant - Les Glenan
At Fouesnant, the leading tourist destination in Finistère, don’t just use the 14 km of beach! It would  be a shame to overlook the 100 km of marked trails with their remarkable fauna and flora. Dunes and polders are protected natural sites, as are the Glénan archipelago, jewel of the resort.
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Stretching along one of Brittany’s most beautiful bays, Concarneau today embraces the historic heart of town lying within a ring of granite ramparts. As one of the towns benefiting from the 19th-century fishing industry, it developed around the harbor. Following the valley contours, it moved away from seascape to landscape acquiring its own range of idyllic rural settings. Concarneau is a town which invites relaxation.
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Follow in the steps of Paul  Gauguin. Imagine him in the harbor, on the banks of the Aven, admiring the different mills. You will appreciate why he so loved this artist town, which he publicised overseas.
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Névez, land of the upright stones, between blue and green : the countryside facing the sea. Along the coastline alternate long beaches, sheltered coves and small harbors full of charm. Colours, lights and contrasts all entice you to stroll or hike along the coastal footpath and to daydream  in the charming villages of thatched cottages, where time seems to have stopped.
To help you discover Concarneau, please visit Concarneau Tourism Office

Pont L'Abbé
Pont l’Abbé is the capital of the Pays Bigouden with its castle and inhabited bridge housing its traditions.
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Le Guilvinec
Le Guilvinec is the leading French port for artisan fishing. Stroll along the quayside : entertainment is garanteed from the moment the fishing boats return, from 16.15 onwards.
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La Torche
Unwind on the beaches, or head due west on the mythical waves of La Torche, a show of surfing at any hour.
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The proud Eckmühl lighthouse and its two neighbours resemble bridgeheads and invite you to discover different facets of a resolutely maritime land : fishing, beaches, impressive cliffs.
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Presqu'ile de Crozon
Sites to take your breath away, which you won’t  want to forget : this peninsula is magnificent from all angles. The megaliths, the Vauban Tower, the route of fortifications. Thrill seekers : climbing, canyioning or sea fishing await you.
To help you discover Crozon, please visit Crozon Tourism Office

La Forêt Fouesnant
The charm and authenticity of a Breton village! Anchored on rich land in the shade of fruit trees and facing out to sea, La Forêt Fouesnant radiates tranquillity and hospitality. The picturesque gardens of traditional homes intersperse the flowered lanes, which wind along the old harbour and to the long sandy beach.
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