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Microbial Spoilers in Food 2013
1-2-3 July - Quimper

Sohier Daniele

SPOILERS2013 Scientific Committee > Daniele SOHIER (ADRIA)

Daniele Sohier, Microbial Spoilers in Food 2013 scientific committee chairDanièle Sohier was trained as molecular biologist and microbiologist at the Bordeaux II University in France. In 1998, she obtained a PhD with a doctoral thesis entitled "Systematics of Lactobacillus hilgardii and Lactobacillus brevis species: application at the lactic acid bacteria detection in wines”. She combined for one year a post-doctoral fellow at INRA on sequence random insertion in Spiroplasma citri genome with a teaching post at Bordeaux II University in molecular biology and microbiology disciplinary.

She then joined ADRIA, an Agro-Industry Technical Institute qualified by the French Ministry of Agriculture, where she developed the molecular biology lab for microbial ecosystems dynamics and activity analysis for food safety and quality improvement.

She is now heading the ADRIA unit involved in food microbiology R&D activities and expertises, and coordinates national and European innovation programs in close collaboration with food and diagnosis industrial partners, and with applied research organisations; she is as well the scientific programme leader of the Mixed Technologic Unit which gathers ADRIA and the University of Bretagne Occidentale. All the described R&D activities combine devices development for food microbial analysis, devices mostly based on OMIC knowledge, and predictive tools conception for food process and food products shelf-life control and monitoring.

ADRIA is as well one of the most important expert lab which provides alternative method validations according to ISO 16140 standard, and runs as well AOAC-RI validation studies. Indeed Danièle participates to the AFNOR and MicroVal Certification committees. She is also involved in the ISO working group dealing with the ISO 16140 standard revision, as well as in the AOAC International Stakeholder Panel on Alternative Methods.

She has participated to the organization of different symposiums organized at Quimper: Spore forming bacteria in Food (2009) and leads the future Microbial Spoilers in Food (2013).

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