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Microbial Spoilers in Food 2013
1-2-3 July - Quimper

Scientific Committee

Microbial Spoilers in Food 2013

Scientific Committee chairs:

microbial food spoilage Coton Emmanuel (LUBEM Brest, France)    Lactobacillus microbial spoilers in food 2013 Leguerinel Ivan (LUBEM Quimper, France)    Food quality and safety Sohier Daniele (ADRIA Développement Quimper, France)

Scientific Committee Members:

microbial food spoilage Brul Stanley University of Amsterdam NL   microbial food spoilage Betts Roy Campden BRI UK
Scientific Congress for food spoilage Boulais Christophe Danone FR   International Scientific Congress Food Spoilage Coroller Louis LUBEM Quimper FR
Spoilers 2013 Coton Monika LUBEM Brest FR   Microbial Spoilers in Food International Symposium Dalgaard Paw Technical University of Denmark DK
microbial food spoilage psychrotrophic Devlieghere Frank Ghent university BE   challenge test Anoxybacillus De Souza Sant´Ana Anderson University of Campinas BR
Microbial Spoilers in Food Symposium Den Besten Heidy Wageningen University NL   microbial food spoilage Ercolini Danilo University of Naples IT
Spoilers2013-dairy-product Gautier Michel Agrocampus FR   quality indicator In’t Veld Paul NVWA NL
Risk assessment Kort Remco TNO NL   dairy products Lavermicocca Paola CNR-ISPA IT
Spoilers2013-food-spoilers Le Marc Yvan Unilever UK   Balkumar Marthi from Unilever is part of the scientific committee of Microbial Spoilers in Fodd 2013 Marthi Balkumar Unilever NL
Microbial Spoilage in food congress Mathot Anne-Gabrielle LUBEM Quimper FR   spoilers 2013 Nychas George Agricultural University of Athens GR
microbial food spoilage Peck Mickael IFR institute UK   food quality Postollec Florence ADRIA Développement FR
Microbial Spoilage in food scientific congress Zagorec Monique ONIRIS FR          

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