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Microbial Spoilers in Food 2013
1-2-3 July - Quimper

Nychas George

SPOILERS2013 Scientific Committee > George NYCHAS (Athens)

George Nychas, Microbial Spoilers in Food 2013 Scientific CommitteeProfessor George-John E., Nychas

Education :
    Bc.S in Food Science & Technology, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece, 1979
    Ph.D, In Food Microbiology; University of Bath, UK, (10/1981 to 10/1984)
    Post-doc in Toxin Production by Staphylococcus aureus (Univ.of Bath,UK 11/88-10/1990)

Present organization and position:
Professor of Food Microbiology, in the Agricultural University of Athens, Dept. Food Sciences & Technology, Lab. of Microbiology & Biotechnology of Foods (since Nov. 1997)
Head of Laboratory of Microbiology and Biotechnology of Foods (1994 till now)
    Member of the Biohazard Group of European Food Safey Authority

Experience in risk assessment, predictive modeling, Food Technology:
The process of risk assessment (RA) consists of the following steps: (1) hazard identification, (2) hazard characterization, (3) exposure assessment, and (4) risk characterization. This includes quantitative risk assessment, which emphasizes reliance on numerical expressions of risk, and also qualitative expressions of risk, as well as an indication of the attendant uncertainties. My research group has been working in the area of Predictive microbiology / RA for more than 10 years and more than 20 papers (SCI) have been published in this field.

This experience came through the involvement in different EU and National projects. List of the relevant EU projects are follows:
Shared Cost Research Projects & Concerted action
    "Predictive modelling of fish and meat products" Fair-1251 project
    "Development, modelling and application of time temperature integrator systems to monitor chilled fish quality" FAIR-95-1090
    Escherichia coli 0157:H7 rpoS site-directed mutants: ability to compete and survive in food. MC ct-2000-2098
    Assessment and improvement of safety of traditional dry sausages from producers to consumers QoL-ct-2240
    Development and Application of a TT Safety Monitoring and Assurance System (SMAS) for Chilled meat products. QoL –ct-2545
    "Predictive modelling of growth of food spoilage organisms, the effect of phenolics and chelator" Bilateral project ( UK & GR)
    Verotoxigenic Escerichia coli in Europe ct98-3935
    Predictive modelling of microbial growth and survival in foods - cost914
    EuRain European Union – Risk Analysis Information Network (qol 2178)
    e-ComBase combined database on microbial responses to food environment (QLAM 513)

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