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Microbial Spoilers in Food 2013
1-2-3 July - Quimper

Coton Emmanuel

SPOILERS2013 Scientific committee > Emmanuel COTON (LUBEM)

Emmanuel Coton, Microbial Spoilers in Food 2013 scientific committee chair

Emmanuel Coton was trained as a molecular microbiologist at the Bordeaux II University in France. In 1996, he obtained a PhD in Oenology with a doctoral thesis concerning the spoilage of wine by histamine-forming bacteria. Then, he performed 2 post-doctoral fellowships, the first one at Stellenbosch University (South Africa) and the second one at the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (Brock University, Canada).

Both fellowships focused on the reduction of ethyl carbamate spoilage in wine through metabolic engineering of yeast.  He was then hired in 1999 as a Research Project Manager by ADRIA Normandie, an Agri-Industry Technical Institute qualified by the French Ministry of Agriculture. His research fields concerned all aspects of food quality and safety, especially in fermented products (cheese, cider, olives).

Since 2011, he is a full Professor at the “Université de Bretagne Occidentale” where he teaches molecular biology, microbiology and crop production at the “Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs en Agroalimentaire de Bretagne atlantique” (ESIAB). Concerning research, he is the head of a University research team in Plouzané France focusing on fungal ecosystems within the “Laboratoire Universitaire de Biodiversité et d’Ecologie Microbienne” (LUBEM - director : Pr. Georges Barbier). In this context, the research team mainly works on food products (dairy, bakery…) with a focus on ecology, biodiversity and functional properties of technological and contaminating fungi.

Pr. Emmanuel Coton is a member of the “Société Française de Microbiologie”.

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