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Microbial Spoilers in Food 2013
1-2-3 July - Quimper

Boulais Chrsitophe

SPOILERS2013 Scientific Committee > Christophe BOULAIS (Danone)

Christophe BOULAIS, member of Spoilers2013 scientific CommitteeChristophe Boulais (DVM) is Food Safety Manager within the Corporate Quality Department of Danone.

He graduated Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the Veterinary School of Alfort in 1997. After 5 years veterinairy practice in France and in the UK, he specialized in Food Safety and further obtained a Master degree in Food Industry Management from the ESSEC Business school in France. In Danone, he is responsible for the scientific expertise in food safety microbiology, though his scope also includes microbial spoilage.

He is involved in risk assessment activities, including predictive microbiology and risk modelling, and supports the quality teams for managing food safety in design and in execution. On top of that, he is involved in various corporate food safety projects, including the developement, the implementation and the certification with international food safety standards. For that purpose, he is particularly active in multi-stakeholder organisations like ISO and GFSI.

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